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Anyone know the owner or general manager of mobilnet panama or mobilphone panama so I can send a complaint – not that it will probably do any good. Add your comments regarding panama mobilnet or panama mobilphone here:


I would be interested to hear other peoples experiences with mobilnet panama, also known as mobilphone panama.

I pay more than $50 per month for a measly (supposedly) 512k speed. The grossly inflated price is due to the fact that in this area of Panama mobilnet, or mobilphone, is the only available service.

In the last few months I have had serious problems with the internet service. The first time this happened my speed was so slow that I basically could do nothing online. I made NUMEROUS calls, sent MANY MANY emails, and my wife even visited their offices in Panama City. Despite all this it took just shy of FOUR weeks for their technicians to come out – and indeed they agreed there was a problem.

They ended up changing my static IP – when tested it came up with an IP conflict but they told me to ignore this!! the next morning – NO internet and a repeat of the calls and emails. Another whole FOUR days for the technicians to return. When asked why it took them 4 days to return they just shrugged their shoulders.

I am now having the same speed issues with mobilnet panama (or Panama mobilphone) and have again sent numerous emails (I have 6 peoples email who speak English) Not a single response. They apparently have ZERO customer service and seem not to care whatsoever for their customers.

I am looking to move, simply because I cannot rely on the poor service from mobilnet panama (or mobilphone panama) and there is apparently NO customer service.

If you need reliable internet service in Panama, I strongly advise you NOT to use mopbilnet panama or mobilphone panana, and would go so far as to choose your location based on service providers if you need internet service.

Please feel free to share your experiences with panama mobilnet or panama mobilphone